Meet the Nomad: Lawyer On the Go

Meet Aleksandra: lawyers and digital nomad lifestyle

When it comes to digital nomads, the most common professions are either in marketing, or content, or development. But does that mean those are the only fields that suit the digital nomad lifestyle? Surely, it doesn’t!

Today we’re meeting Aleksandra. Aleksandra is a lawyer and, as of 2021 — a digital nomad. Read how a lawyer can become a nomad and maintain a mobile lifestyle while still working within their field.

How many countries have you been to?

About 21 in total.

Lawyering is not a very common occupation among nomads. How did you become a nomad?

It happened in 2021 — I am relatively new to this. The idea of getting back to the office after such a long time working from home was too depressing. So I decided to job hunt and found a new job that would offer me more freedom to opt for a fully remote format.

Yes, in fact, lawyering is not only about pleading in courts wearing a fancy suit! At least that’s not the only option a lawyer has. You can also work for various companies, negotiate deals and draft legal documents in your favorite pajamas, and never even step into a courtroom.

So one can quite easily work as an in-house lawyer remotely, especially if you’re working with IT. The workload could be easily managed from any point in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

What are your favorite nomad destinations?

I’d say, for now, it’s Croatia. I also like Turkey for the winter season. I used to move around every month or so but now I’m getting a Croatian digital nomad visa. Zagreb is a great place for nomads — I personally fell in love with it as soon as I got there. Lots of expats, nice infrastructure, and a fine balance between the city life and nature.

What’s the best thing about the nomad lifestyle?

For me, it’s gotta be the flexibility and an opportunity to meet new amazing people. I love the fact that work is no longer an obstacle to visiting friends or exploring new destinations. You are absolutely free to choose whether to take off for a new place tomorrow or stay where you are for longer.

As for people, you never know who will sit next to you in the cafe you’ve found in a remote work guide for a new city. It can be a random stranger, a future new friend, or perhaps a business partner. I’ve already met many outstanding people, and am so excited to meet more!

Cool! And what’s the biggest downside you see in the nomad lifestyle?

I might sound like an old lady here but for me, the biggest challenge is to keep my back safe and sound. I mean, when you travel to different locations every couple of weeks, finding a comfortable workplace to spend several hours before the laptop is no easy task!

Yoga is my main medicine. And even though it helps, for a better result I’d recommend combining yoga with a comfortable computer chair and a laptop stand. A total game-changer.

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