Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are a fascinating group. After the pandemic and the rise of remote work, the nomad lifestyle is going through a renaissance, attracting more and more people. Here we gathered several most common questions about digital nomads — read in!

Digital Nomad FAQ: Who Are Digital Nomads

Who are digital nomads?

According to Wikipedia, a digital nomad definition is following: people who live in a nomadic way while working remotely using technology and the internet. But what is a nomadic way?

Actually, a digital nomad is anyone who doesn’t have a strictly specified workplace and uses digital means to perform their work. You are a remote worker? You have a laptop to perform your daily duties? Congratulations, you are halfway there to being called a nomad!

Who can become a digital nomad?

Remote workers, backpackers, retired or semi-retired people, entrepreneurs... Anyone can become a nomad if they find a way to earn on the go with no strict link to an office desk. The best thing about the nomad lifestyle is that it welcomes anyone who wants to try it out. Lots of options, yet very few real obstacles.

What’s the difference between a remote worker and a digital nomad?

What makes a remote worker a nomad is a mobile lifestyle. Working nomads prefer to combine their job with traveling around their country or the world in general. Remote workers can work from anywhere — and remote workers who took advantage of their location independence and took off became nomads.

It all starts with checking out a new coffee place or a coworking space in the neighborhood, and then before you know it, — you’re buying a ticket to another country!

Do I have to travel all the time to be called a nomad?

No. Some people prefer to travel non-stop and stay on the road for a year or even more. Others like workation getaways, when you change the scenery for a couple of weeks while still staying in touch with the office. If you take off for a month, then come back to your hometown apartment for another couple of months, and then take off again — it still counts as a nomad lifestyle!

There’s no universal commission that decides who’s nomad enough and who’s not. You can travel within your own country or all across the world, fly away for three weeks or three years — nomadic lifestyle means freedom for you first of all.

What kind of job is the most suitable for nomads?

The most popular and easily transferred-into-nomad-style positions among nomads are those in marketing, development, content creation, and e-commerce. However, the research shows that almost every profession has representatives in the nomad community. To learn more about popular digital nomad jobs check out our article “Digital Nomads In Numbers”.

How to become a digital nomad?

There’s no common recipe for everyone but the basic ingredients one needs for a relatively easy pivot into a nomadic lifestyle would be:

Remote job and/or freelancing. If your current corporate job doesn’t let you throw the office chain off, consider moving to freelance using your existing skills or job hunting for a more flexible option. One way or another, a more or less stable income is a must-have.

Financial safety pillow. Stuff happens, and you have to be ready to bounce back. A dry month on the freelancing front? Unexpected expenses on housing or hospital? Better have a little extra to make sure you handle it fine.

Budget tuning. Take a look at your current budget and align it with your plans. If you’re going away for, say, half a year, you might cancel the gym membership but buy a workout app. In case of a three-week getaway once in a while, it won’t affect the budget much, but better check it beforehand.

However, a lot depends on your own plans, experience, and current situation. One thing for sure — nomading is not as scary, tough, and hard as it might seem!

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