Where the nomads live?
Digital nomad is a digital specialist who prefers a mobile lifestyle and is not tied to a specific place of work. You work remotely in digital? You are a nomad!

Digital Barbaros

Digital Barbaros is an ecosystem for digital specialists all over the world. Go digital, or go home!
Live and work with other nomads on the oceanside in Portugal
Step into the digital world and hone your skills
Meet people that make you want to grow
Make your life as a nomad easier with our digital tools
Digital nomads
We believe in the expertise that has no borders or home port.
Whether you’re a homester or an adventure seeker who can’t stay at the same place for longer than two months,
Digital Barbaros got you!
A home for remote workers

Barbaros Hut

Life is like surfing: balance is the key to having a great time. Do you work remotely and want to travel at the same time? Then Barbaros Hut is your place to be!

We know what remote workers need when they’re on the go. Barbaros Hut is a nomad housing in Portugal where you can work, rest, and live with fellow nomads worldwide — ocean and surfing included.

Work-life balance
Create your own digital business card

Digital Barbaros Card

Printed business cards are so old-school. Welcome to the digital era! Create a digital business card that you can share with others using a QR code.

  • Choose contacts you want to share, be it your phone number, email, or social media profiles
  • Add links to the projects you want to present to others
  • Upload a picture and polish your description

No more username retyping and phone number typos — just one click, and you’re connected!

Digital business card example
Digital nomads are, first of all, a community — follow us on social media for nomad lifestyle insights, tips, and latest news
Master a digital profession

Barbaros Academy

Anyone can become a digital nomad. Barbaros Academy stands for practical and efficient courses for those who want to begin their professional journey in IT and Digital. No boring classes — only applied cases!

Learning digital profession with ocean view
Do you want to become a full-stack developer and you have never tried coding?
Check out Barbaros Course for beginners
You already have some programming experience but lack teamwork experience?
Your choice is Barbaros Bootcamp
It’s a lifestyle

By Nomads for Nomads

Digital Barbaros is created to fulfill the needs of remote workers who want to balance their work and travel, expand their horizons, and use all the benefits digital work offers. It’s an exciting lifestyle — and it’s much easier than it looks!

Digital nomad lifestyle
Reach out to us via email at welcome@barbaros.media. We’ll get back to you shortly!